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Wedding Flowers for Simpatico Energy

What bride doesn't long for unique and special flowers for her wedding? We don't know of any. Selecting the blossoms and bouquet style to coordinate with your wedding gown is a significant decision and it sets the overall atmosphere and emotions for the day. Don't worry, the jaw-dropping reaction to your bouquet is achievable with any size and any style. It all depends on who you are.

Maybe you are a traditionalist. If so, you may prefer the round bouquet. It can be demure or bold depending on size, florals selected, and embellishments. Perhaps your more interested in the latest trends, then you may want to know what brides in Europe are choosing for their moment. Our stylish European neighbors are breaking away from the round bouquet and moving to more sophisticated styles. Think of the "Royal Wedding." Kate Middelton broke from the round style and embraced a petite tear drop shape. Overall, favored bouquet styles in Europe are expanding to include the cascade, shower, and crescent shapes as well as Kate's tear drop. These styles have more movement, are more energetic and make a statement without becoming garish. Each is adaptable to your personality and style, of course.

With so many choices, how can the number be narrowed? Our wedding gallery was designed to assist you with this task. Take your time, ponder for awhile, imagine how your bouquet will flatter your gown. When you have sufficiently mused, schedule a wedding consultation. We'll discuss the options, offer alternatives and enhancements to make your wedding as perfect and special as you.