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DIY Bride

  • You have made one of the most gigantic of lifetime decisions by choosing to get married. Now you’re thinking about making a second significant decision: whether to create your own wedding florals. How difficult can it be? Well, let’s just say that a plethora of potholes exist on the road to finished product. So, before you watch another You Tube presentation on the ease of designing wedding flowers, we are providing some of the best, honest advice without cost or obligation so you’re not one of the many disappointed brides that won’t share their photos on Pinterst.

  • Find a reputable supplier. There are many wedding flower supplies on the internet – some good and, you guessed it, some not so much. Then, become a savvy consumer. Don’t think you will be receiving a discount or even a bargain. Some companies will provide flowers that are less than fine. Always remember FIFO, first flowers in/first flowers out, because that is how inventory is managed to maximize profit. You may be paying for flowers with a short vase life. They only need to last a few hours, after all.

  • Flowers are living things and like people, no two are the same. Once severed from their stem they become exceedingly vulnerable. For them to prosper they need to be properly processed to rehydrate and endure. Any flowers delivered in a box, even those with water tubes, must be immediately removed. Strip the leaves that will fall below the water line in the vase, recut the stems on an angle using a sharp knife, and place in tepid water containing properly proportioned flower food. Don’t think your flowers can go without a meal. Flower food provides the nutrients the flower requires, opens blockages in the stem allowing them to drink, contains a biocide to prevent bacterial buildup and it balances hormones, especially important for bulb flowers, e.g., tulips and lilies. Then , keep them cool, which unfortunately is not the same for all flowers.

  • Practice making your designs, even if you don’t use the exact flowers you selected for your wedding. There’s more to this than bunching up flowers and tying them with a ribbon.

  • Or, take a peak at our special menu of assistance just for the DIYB.


    v  Order flowers from our trusted suppliers.  Receive flowers for you, process and appropriately store them.  The DIYB picks up the flowers two days before the wedding. 


    v  Schedule a practice party for you and your attendants.  We’ll teach you how to create the wedding flowers you desire and get the all-important practice.  This could be a fun bridal shower, too.


    v  The Doghaus may create and deliver ceremony and reception flowers. These arrangements are generally more complex to design, are also large and heavy.


    v  Everything is up to you.