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About Us


What is behind the Doghaus?
This business exists to promote the inspiration delivered by blooms and a genuine desire to share their joy with everyone.  Our goal is to alter the role of flowers from an occasional indulgence to an everyday cost-effective necessity, which is how our European neighbors see blossoms.  The Doghaus Blooms endeavors to introduce them to everyone and facilitate lasting friendships. We know that the intrigue and joy delivered by flowers is highly contagious and exposure to them is a very enjoyable experience. Of course, should you find yourself in the doghouse, help securing an exit pass is available from Doghaus Blooms. The flowers will send the message needed to resolve any unfortunate situation.  The blossoms also believe that a little forward thinking will work for you in spades – why not use to use these ambassadors to your advantage and skip the uncomfortable feelings altogether?  

Our flower assortment is delivered by Mother Nature and may be subject to her whims.  We are firm believers of promoting local flower farms and spend hours sourcing local flowers.  Encouraging organic practices is another of our obsessions and organic growers or growers using organic principles are our preferred suppliers. Recognizing the reality of growing seasons and availability, the Doghaus will source blossoms that aren’t grown in Virginia, but are grown using sustainable growing techniques whenever possible.

Beautiful flowers deserve a beautiful vessel to hold them.  The Doghaus offers a unique assortment of stunning vases that our consumers can proudly display and fill with flowers again and again.  However, we recognize varying preferences among flower lovers and assuring that individuality reigns supreme at the Doghaus we also offer a nice assortment of clear glass receptacles, if you need one.  If you don’t require a vessel, just indulge in the glorious blooms. You may be as creative as you choose.